Inspire- Educate- Empower- Entertain

The word is a non-profit newspaper spreading the message of God's good news through means of print. The paper's intention is to give Christian's a voice and true prospective on the issues and challenges facing our culture.

Who We Are

The Word is a non-profit, religious newspaper that provides outreach and resources to people and families who are experiencing temporary set-backs due to unemployment, illness or other life-changing events. We provide inspiration in the stories and testimonies that are shared by other Christians. Empowerment comes from the word of God, which has inspired this foundation to create a free paper for any person of God to enjoy.


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What We Do

The Word distributes its message four times a year in multiple locations.
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What Keeps Us Going

It is the love of God that allows us to print a free paper and distribute it throughout the community. All of the members and articles are donated by contributing writers. They make no profit and share purely out of their heart.This is a newspaper that relies on donations and ads to cover the cost of running the paper. If you are intersted in making a donation please click the donation link.